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Mother of dolls

There are fairly strange things in our world. The mother of dolls is one of them... In the distant town of Angoulême, Lou, as she is called, crafts and breathes life day and night into a multitude of dolls : humanoïd dolls, cats, rabbits and enven goldfishes. They all are her children, brought out from her imagination. Testimonies of persons who have spent a few nights under her roof affirm that they heard her talking to the dolls, which would have answered ! Talented artist for some, witch for others so much her art is full of life... It is up to you.

Text by Lisa Lopez


L'Écureuil 1&2 

Publisher: Sarbacane. 

Scénario : Fabien Grolleau.

Illustrtions : Benjamin Mialet & Lou Bonelli.

La gardienne de mes nuits

Publisher : Vide Cocagne. 

Scénario : Ingrid Chabbert.

Illustrations : Lou Bonelli.



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